MX-5500 Handheld Price Labeling Gun 8 Digits



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1.The MX-5500 price labeller use with 21*12mm price label.

2.The MX-5500 price labeller will print 1 line with up to 8 digits per line

3.The ink roller equipped in the gun is refillable.

   There is also one extra ink roller included in the packing box for your replacement.

  The size of the ink rolls is 20mm.

4.Our price label gun is light and smooth for your suitable and accurate operation.

5.Hand labelers are used by retailers around the world for their pricing labels. We offer different price guns specifically to suit your needs, with variations from Single Line (6-Digit) to Double Line (10-Digit).

Model: MX-5500 
Dimension: 230 mm X 55 mm X 135 mm 
Print labels: 22 X 12mm 
Material: Plastic 

NOTE: 3 Colors: Red / Yellow / Blue random  
1* Price Gun 
1*Lines Labels 

Dimension (L x W x H) 0 x 0 x 0
Weight 0