38mm x 65mm Barcode Label Sticker


  • Brand: DTLable
  • Label Type: TT  Labels
  • Label Quality: Semi Glossy
  • Label size: 38mm x 65mm
  • Price: Call For Price*

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Adhesive Label 38mm x 65mm Barcode Label Sticker


Item Thermal Paper or Non-Thermal
Face material Barcode Label Sticker
Minimum Order 50,000 PCS
Roll size Size: 38mm x 65mm
Packing Strong PE coated Kraft paper,

stretch film,

plastic fasten the belt,

strong pale

Brand Fashion And Chines
Delivery time According to the order quantity,2~5 days
Delivery term Cash



The labels are 1,000 per roll and are supplied on 76mm cores as standard. or they can be wound onto 38mm x 65mm Barcode Label Sticker  cores at no extra cost. The roll of labels is 68mm wide (including backing paper).

These standard paper labels have a strong permanent adhesive and a thermal coating so they do not require any kind of ink ribbon. Use barcode labels for inventory

Please note that these labels are not resistant to water, oil, fat, or plasticizers (PVC).

There is no perforation on the label gap.

Compatible Barcode Label Sticker Printers:

ZT610 • ZT620 • ZT510 • ZT410 • ZT420 • ZT220 • ZT230 • 110Xi4 • 140Xi4 • 170Xi4 • 105SL Plus • ZM400 • ZM600 • ZM4 Plus • ZM6 Plus • SM4 • S600

CL-S700 • CL-S703 • CL-E720 • CL-E730 • CL-S6621XL

B-SA4TM • B-EX4 T1 • B-EX4 T2 • B-EX4 D2 • B-EX4 T3 • B-EX6T • SX4 • SX5

MX240P • MX340P • MX640P • MH240 • MH340 • MH640 • TTP-2410MT • TTP-346MT • TTP-644MT • TTP-2410MU • TTP-346MU • TTP-644MU • ME240 • ME340 • TTP-2610MT • TTP-368

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