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Get After Sales Support from Dream Tech

When you purchase any product from us, it comes with Free Technical support to assist you. We understand all users are not equally technical people to configure all the tech gadgets for their very first attempt. This is a very common scenario, we often face issues to configure any new tech products but that doesn’t mean the product is faulty or not working. That is the reason, we are here to support you to get the work done and to assist you to get configured your product purchased from

Here is the simple way to get after-sales support from our technical team-

after sales support
after sales support

Technical Support Desk: 0241070220 or 09613661010

After Sales Support Policy:

  • Can you send your Engineer to my home/office to solve any product issue?

Unfortunately NO. We received many requests for after-sales support every day and we have seen in most of the cases the issue solved just following the right steps and for this reason, we can’t send any person to customer address and to solve. For any after-sales support, you need to visit our office so that we can investigate and solve the issues immediately. We have several experts and we want to ensure you solve the issue. If not solve, we can replace the new product to solve and provide better service to every valuable customer.

  • What if the product still NOT works after visiting your office?

In this case, we will test and try to find the issues and if that is not possible and the product is within 3 days replacement policy– we will replace it with a new one. If the product came to us after 3 days and if the product has a warranty- we will keep it for the warranty and it may take 5 to 15 days to get the issue solved. We will take note of the issues you found and give you an approximate time for the solution. Once the items are repaired, you need to visit our office and collect it in person. 

  • What if I found any problem after 3 days and if there is no warranty on the product?

In this case, we can’t help 100% but we generally try to give support and consultancy but we can’t guaranty to replace if the product is not working. So, we always request to all, please let us know if you face any issues immediately. 

Note: Please be noted that we can’t accept our person to visit your location to solve any issue. Our delivery team won’t be able to provide any technical support. For technical & after-sales support, you just need to visit our office with the product. You need to consider one more thing, we just sell the products and we are not the manufacturer to solve all the issues which are related to the product itself. Nothing to worry much- According to our experience most of the issue gets resolved without any issues and we help thousands of our customers. We not only selling the products but we also provide after-sales support with the purchase of every product from


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We ensure you 100% After Sales Support from us. You don’t need to worry about any problems. we also have a replacement warranty policy for our products. Check out the Replacement Warranty Policy.